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Glam Tattoos

The best temporary tattoos around!



Sparkle around your event with a glitter tattoo on your arm!  Great for those who love lots of colors!


Black Ink

Black ink is great for those that won't enjoy glitter as much.  On top of that they look just as cool!



Henna is a bit more subtle, but looks so beautiful! Henna lasts a tad longer that the other tattoo types.



An alternative to glitter, instead your design can shimmer!

All included tattoo types

Air brush tattoos are coming soon!  These will soon be included in our available tattoo types.  Stay tuned, we will have an update when they are available.

What to look forward to...

Our glam tattoos run for a hour and a half, during this time you can get:
A minimum of 25 tattoos
Time at the end is included for additional tattoos and requests. 


Splish, Splash!

Definitely the best part our our temporary tattoos is that they are waterproof!  Perfect for pool events or if you event falls on a rainy day, our tattoos will stay on!


What makes our glam tattoos so special?

Our glam tattoos are able to last from 5 all the way up to 14 days. We also do not use craft glitter and glue, we are using cosmetic glitter and glue that is made specially for the skin.  Extra time is given to tend to all last minute tattoos, and fix-ups if needed. 

Our glam artists have tons of designs, colors, are tattoo types to choose from!   It't not just glitter, it temporary tattoos for everyone!

Contact Us

Ask about rates for our glam tattoo artists!

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