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cotton candy rental for party rochester ny

Concession Stations

Fun food for fun events!

popcorn for party rochester, ny


What to look forward to:

1 hour of popcorn with a professional attendant

Unlimited popcorn for everyone!

popcorn station

Munch around your event!

The best way to make your event pop is with popcorn of course!

cotton candy for event rochester ny
cotton candy for birthday party rochester ny

Cotton Candy

What to look forward to:

1 hour of cotton candy with a professional attendant

Unlimited cotton candy for everyone!

Cotton Candy stations

Fluffy and Fun!

6 fun flavors for your guests to

choose from!

What makes our concession stations differ from a rental?

Our attendants definitely make all the difference!

We set up, clean up and serve!

We can save you the hassle of finding a safe machine and learning how to operate it. We bring the machines, we bring the supplies, and then you can just relax during your event! It's the best of both worlds!

Contact Us

Ask about rates for our concession stations

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