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balloon twisting Rochester

Balloon Twisting

The most fun balloon twisting you'll ever find in Rochester, NY!

What to look forward to...

The birthday child always gets a special balloon, like a giant life size puppy, usually bigger than them!

Balloon twisting runs for an hour and a half, during this time you can get:
balloons for each guest 25+ balloon creations
With time for balloon repairs at the end!

Balloon Twisting Rochester NY

Making balloons more fun than ever!

Our balloon twisting artists show up with a board of designs ranging from jumbo swords, magic wands, blasters, superheroes and animals!   Our balloon twisters make wearable balloons like hats, flowers, etc..  

balloon animals Rochester

What makes our balloon twisters different than the rest?

We use only professional grade balloons, not the ones you'll find at a party store.  Our balloons are able to last about 2 weeks.   Extra time is given to attend to all needed balloon repairs and fix-ups so everyone leaves happy.

Our balloon twisters also don't just make puppies and swords.  We make so much more, specific characters all the way to wearable balloons such as hats and jetpacks!

Is there a contactless option?

Yes!  Our Bag O' Balloons is a contactless balloon option.  We provide a safe drop-off of a jumbo bag of twisted balloons.  The designs are customizable by color, animals, tv shows, sports, and other interests! 

This option is not intended for events, rather for your child at home or as a special bonus of balloons for the birthday child.

Contact Us

Ask about rates for our balloon twisters!

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