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Our Story

     It all started back in 2001 when our founder, Alona, wanted to raise money for an animal shelter.  After thorough brainstorming she decided that she would face paint in order to achieve her goal.  Upon trying it for the first time she fell in love with it and wanted to hand-paint temporary tattoos for the customers at the tattoo shop she worked for at the time. From there, Alona proposed the idea to her boss and she ended up receiving some positive feedback for her work. The objective was to put designs on the skin without pain; this also gave people the chance to see what their tattoo would look like before they got it. She couldn't believe how much people liked it, this was the original spark for what would soon grow into her flourishing family business. 


     For the time between 2001 and 2003 our founder ended up moving which caused her to put a pause to her painting career. However, in 2004 she picked it up again and she decided to face paint at a flea market.  Alona bought some business cards with her and she started face painting for her first events under the name "Lollipop Face Painting".


     Alona continued doing events sporadically until 2006 when her family bought a local movie theater.  She became the events manager to make the theater's events unique. She contributed to making the events themed with decor, games to play, a movie, and her face painting of course. From there on out the business was known as "Lollipop Party Services" which hosted some parties and occasional events at the theater. 


     As a mother of two her children--Arizona and Zevez, who grew up with the exposure to the family business--became more involved as the years went on. Today, we are still family owned and operated and are known as "Confetti Pop Entertainment". With over 17 years of experience our company has expanded past face painting and is offering a variety of services for customers to choose from. 

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"Making events



since 2006!"

confetti pop entertainment

Our Mission

Our mission since the beginning in 2006 has been to make events glow and put a smile on everyone's face in the room. 

We love that we are able to be creative and be entertaining at the same time!  Whether it is being creative while face painting, or our character performers getting to be silly to give everyone the giggles.  

When you bring everyone together we love to be the cherry on top!  Our goal has always been to be a one stop shop for events.  We aren't just face painting or just character appearances we are the whole package.  From cotton candy to balloon twisting we want events to be easy and appealing to everyone. Putting a smile on any face means the world, getting to spread positivity will always be our goal! 

Meet Our Main Team

costume character for birthday

Alona (She/her)

     Alona--our founder--has surrounded herself with art, music, and theatre since childhood.  So, it is no surprise that she fell in love with face painting in 2001. A mom herself of two girls since 2003 saw how much fun hosting birthday parties and events could be!  She started off slow, but eventually started "Lollipop Party Face Painting" in 2006 which today is known as "Confetti Pop Entertainment"!  She has attended seven, five day-long FABAIC's (Face And Body Art International Convention) in Florida to gain more face painting knowledge every year!  You'll see Alona face painting and being an assistant during our character appearances.

Zevez (they/them)

     Zev has been working with us for 7 years!  They're "friends with" princesses such as Anna, Ariel, Cinderella, and many others.  Zev is also "friends with" many of our big head characters.  Their favorite thing to do is be in character, whether they are answering questions as a princess or being silly as a big head character.  Zev is also one of our face painting, air brush, and balloon artists!

princess for birthday party rochester, ny
princess appearance rochester ny

Arizona (She/her)

     Arizona has been working with us for 8 years! You'll see her playing as Rapunzel, Belle, and others. She is also "friends with" many more of our big head characters.  An animation fan at heart it is always fun for her to play the characters she has loved since childhood.  Arizona is also a one of our glam tattoo artists and will sometimes be seen attending our concession stations. 

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