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Face Painting

The most pristine face painting you'll find around!

What to look forward to...

Face painting runs for a hour and a half, during this time you can get:

Minimum of 15 face paint designs
Plus time for face painting touch-ups at the end or extra designs if time allows!

Our speciality...

Our face painters bring a special design board with tons of fun designs for everyone to choose from.

Some for all the little ones, and others that are appealing to all ages!

We make sure to give that little touch of magic to every design, whether it’s a splashes of glitter, gems, and starbursts so every design will pop!

What sets us apart from other face painters?

Our face painters only use water based, FDA approved, fully-insured, professional grade face makeup & glitter, which ensures safe application and removal of products.  Our face paint comes off with a bit of soap and water. We do not use grease paint.

Our face painters also bring a full professional setup.  We bring a special painting chair, a table filled with colors, shimmers, glitters, gems etc.  Giving your event a sleek look.  

Contact Us

Ask about rates for our face painters!

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