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Confetti Pop stands with BLM


Over the past couple of months a lot of light has been shed onto the Black Lives Matter movement and we are here to support.

We believe in spreading happiness, remaining in silence is against everything we stand for.  Moving forward we would like to be more open about supporting the movement. 

Previously our team has been supporting the movement independent, including attending protests, donating, and signing petitions.


We would like to add on to our team's efforts starting now to end oppression of POC, racism, police brutality, etc.  

What will we be doing to support?

We, Confetti Pop Entertainment, will be trying to support in every way we can at this moment in time.  From this moment on we will be openly supporting as follows: justice for POC, trans POC, POC that are a part of the lgbtq+ community, female POC, children of color, etc.. 

For all events booked in July and August we

will be donating 10% of our profits to broad

and local BLM fundraisers and organizations. 


Your event can take place at any time

(during or outside of July and August),

when booked during this time period part of

your purchase will be donated.  

As far as our team, we will continue to encourage them to attend protests, donate, and to sign petitions until justice is served.  Additionally, as a whole they will be encouraged to continue educating themselves on the matter.


What can you be doing to support?

Just one voice can make a huge difference!  

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