Coming Soon

Additions to our entertainment services coming to the Upstate New York area soon!


Future Services

Expect more information and availability on these within the year!

Balloon Decor

Black Light Events

All the face painting and temporary tattoo designs you love brought to the next level!

In the near future we will be offering the option to have black light face painting and tattoos!  We would come set up as usual with a special black light room for guests to walk into and watch their designs glow!  

These designs look great in pictures, and make your event look top notch!

Example of our portable black light rooms

Screenshot 2022-04-11 at 10.29.19 AM.jpeg

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Waterproof Face Painting

We have realized that our hypoallergenic waterproof paint gives our customers a more quality experience.  Thus our team is starting to make the switch to only painting with our waterproof paints that we use for our airbrush tattoos.  

We have found that waterproof paint allows for a smudge-less experience, sweat-proof, allows people to swim, and long lasting overnight wear.  Without compromising easy removal.  

We will still be offering both airbrush tattoos and full face painting, but at Confetti Pop we always want to change to give our customers a fuller experience.  

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Bubble Shows

This will be Confetti Pop's first version of theater-set-up entertainment.  We have the most experience with all things interactive so, we will we working towards making these shows as engaging as possible.  

We're talking jumbo bubbles, people inside bubbles, smoke bubbles, snake-like foam bubbles, and other magical tricks up our sleeves.   This isn't your typical bubble machine, its going to be so much more!